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Continuously optimizing your library of content to get more views can be a lot of work!

Which is why we are happy to announce that we just launched Bulk SEO. Watch the tutorial and get started already!



Q: How do you optimize a huge video archive without millions of man hours?

A: Call vidIQ.

Today we’re pulling out an old case study to provide insight on that all-too-common problem – scalable YouTube video optimization.

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Creator Suggested is a new metric we’ve been running in our Chrome Extension for the last couple of months. It’s a surprisingly powerful new metric that monitors the amount of videos YouTube is recommending back to a publisher’s own channel, and while that may not sound like much, it says a ton about your channel’s success.


In the Budweiser Super Bowl Puppy Love video, we’re tracking a rating of 4/20, meaning 4 of the 20 videos YouTube is recommending after the video and on the sidebar are also on the Budweiser channel.

It’s not as glamorous as some other metrics, but this has huge implications for channel (and thus brand) engagement. Think about it: someone loved your video and watched it to the end, but then what? Either they hit the search bar to find something similar (which is probably going to be on someone else’s channel), or they’re so engaged they can’t help but click to watch another in the recommendations. The more of those videos that are on your channel, the higher the total views your channel will receive when those videos explode, and the better your brand sticks with each viewer.

Breaking Down the Score

4/20: This is the lowest Creator Suggested rating a channel can have and a sign the channel isn’t focused enough on playlists, proper metadata, and annotations.

6/20 – 10/20: You’re on your way! We’ve seen great channels averaging around here, like The Verge and American Express.

12/20 – 16/20: If you’re here, you’re killing it. This channel is likely in the ranks of Red BullBuzzfeed, and Old Spice.

20/20:  At this point, you’ve likely been “whitelisted” by YouTube. We’ve seen some huge non-profits, political parties, and brands spending a significant amount on YouTube to get here. ARDrone, Nintendo, and The Olympics are great examples.

An Example of Creator Suggested at Work

As of writing this, we are seeing the University of Minnesota have a very viral moment with Guy Pulls Out Sign on Gophers Kiss Cam. They worked to get a 19/20 on Creator Suggested, and that will pay off as this video drives a massive amount of views and increased watch time throughout their YouTube channel. That’s more watches, shares, and engagement with their canon of videos, leading to exponentially more total views as people continue flocking to them.

If you take a second to look through the channel, you can see they didn’t get here by luck, or even a huge budget. They just consistently upload content, grow their subscribers, annotate, and actively playlist content.

There’s no secret to success like this, just sound YouTube marketing practice. And sound practice starts with the right data to build it on, which can all be yours with the vidIQ Chrome Extension.

Don’t have the vidIQ Chrome Extension? Make sure to download it here.

Want more insights on your own channel? Signup for our full video marketing suite.

We get a lot of questions about what metrics we use to calculate the vidIQ Score in Vision, our awesome YouTube Chrome extension for brands and creators. The short answer is – a lot! It’s Big Data science, really. The long answer is, everything here:

Watch Time
  • Average Watch Time
  • Views
  • Titles
  • Tags
  • Description
Popularity of Creator
  • # of Subscribers
  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Comments
  • Facebook Shares
  • Tweets
  • Reddit
  • StumbleUpon
  • Google+
  • Age of Video
  • YouTube Likes
  • YouTube Comments
  • Subscriptions Driven

Of course, all these metrics aren’t weighted equally – for the curious mind, here’s a live action reenactment of how vidIQ mad scientist/CTO Todd Troxell came up with the vidIQ Score formula:

How Do I Improve My vidIQ Score?

Since the purpose of the vidIQ Score is to judge the likelihood of your video surfacing in YouTube Search, Related Videos, and the Front Page, the best way to improve it is to focus on discoverability. That means Tags, Average Watch Time, Subscribers, Views, how old the video is, and social engagement metrics are mighty important! To improve these metrics, boost your discoverability on YouTube, and increase your Score check out this article by our CEO Rob Sandie on Five ways to organically grow your YouTube audience, sign up for vidIQ, and keep on creating!

For more information on vidIQ Vision check out the White Paper or download the extension here.

As we all know success on YouTube is about more than just views. There’s a lot of confusion about what metrics YouTube marketers should be paying attention to, so we developed vidIQ Vision to eliminate that confusion. Just install our Chrome extension and we provide you with key insights into what the top creators are doing to drive growth, increase engagement, and create viral content.

How It Works

So for every video you view on YouTube (not just yours) you’ll now see the vidIQ Vision “widget” that ranks every video with vidIQ’s proprietary Score as well as shows you Key Performance Indicators, including:

  • vidIQ Score: Helps judge the likelihood of a video being promoted in Related Videos, Search, and Recommended Videos.

  • Average Watch Time: You’re now able to see Watch Time not just for your own videos but for any video you’re looking at.

  • Facebook Likes/Shares/Comments: See how many times someone on Facebook has Liked, Shared or included your video’s URL in a comment.

  • Tweets: See how many times someone has included your video’s URL in a Tweet, as well as the actual tweets themselves.

  • Words Per Minute: WPM shows you how many words per minute a video has. According to our dataset (from 8k+ channels) the most successful videos have higher WPM (~220). In other words, the faster you talk & the more jump cuts you add the more engagement + views you’ll get (surprising, I know!). This would explain why Jenna Marbles talks so fast (people have short attention spans!).

  • Tags: YouTube recently started hiding video tags. We surface them. This is extremely valuable for brands (if I’m Pepsi I probably want to see what Coca Cola is tagging their videos with).

  • Description Link Count: We tell you the best number of links to add.

  • Description Word Count: We tell you whether your description is too short or just right.

Chrome users can install vidIQ Vision for free by visiting


If the recent deluge of investment in YouTube MCNs proves anything, it’s that online video has entered a feverish gold rush phase. And it’s just the beginning. As with any gold rush, those with the best tools will ultimately win out. Which is why at vidIQ we’re extremely excited to be building the most robust MCN tools in the industry.

YouTube is becoming an increasingly crowded marketing channel, and getting “easy” subscribers and views will only become harder as more brands and creators scramble to get in on the action. Creators are beginning to realize that an MCN is only as good as the tools they provide, and MCNs are looking to vidIQ to provide their creators with tools that give them a leg up, drive real growth, and help manage their increasingly large networks of channels.

For Networks, some of the benefits we provide are:

White Label Support

With vidIQ’s White Label Support, YouTube networks are able to create a personalized experience for their creators with assets that reflect the network’s unique brand and identity.

Network Manager

Our Network Manager allows YouTube networks to easily invite and onboard their creators in a simple, intuitive workflow. Moreover, networks are able to easily keep tabs on their channels to see how they’re performing.

For creators, if your network uses vidIQ you gain access to our entire suite of YouTube marketing tools that optimize every step of your workflow and help supercharge your YouTube strategy. You get:

YouTube SEO

Take the guesswork out of tagging and titling your videos – vidIQ optimizes your metadata for maximum reach.

Influencer Discovery

Gain invaluable insights into your audience, discover your super fans, and connect with them to drive growth.

Comment Moderation

Reign in your YouTube channel with advanced comment moderation tools built especially for the enterprise.

Actionable Analytics

Stay focused on what matters with unparalleled insights into audience viewing habits and engagement metrics.

Management & Collaboration

Manage multiple channels, invite your team, and define workflows with tools that promote collaboration.

Workflow Automation

Save time, money, and your sanity by automating many of the YouTube marketing tasks in your daily routine.

At vidIQ, our agile team is constantly innovating and creating amazing features for YouTubers big and small. If you haven’t already, request a demo and see what we’re all about!

It may come as a surprise, but 58% of YouTube viewers discover a video because of Search and Related videos. In other words, SEO must be part of your YouTube marketing strategy. While we already offer incredible tools to help optimize your videos’ tags, we get questions all the time asking how to title YouTube videos to help them go viral. Today we’re happy to announce our YouTube Title Recommendations tool, which makes optimizing your video titles easy.

With vidIQ’s Title Recommendations tool you’ll receive a list of the best relevant keywords to add to your videos based on YouTube search trends, search volume, and metadata analysis. These keywords are recommended on an ongoing basis, every week – as search trends change, your titles will never become outdated.

Use vidIQ to optimize the titles of your YouTube videos for SEO

Improving the SEO of your YouTube videos has never been easier. Get started with vidIQ and start growing your audience!

At vidIQ, we’re constantly on the prowl for ways we can improve our product and help you grow your YouTube audience. That’s why today we’re announcing that we’ve made some impressive improvements to two of our most popular features: YouTube Actionable Analytics and YouTube SEO.

Export Your YouTube Analytics

Our YouTube analytics tool provides incredible insight into how your viewers are consuming and engaging with your videos across Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. YouTube creators love our insights so much, they requested that we allow them to export our data so they can perform their own analysis on it; so today we’re announcing YouTube CSV Export! Simply click the “Download data as CSV” button on the Video Dashboard and slice and dice our data to your heart’s desire!

Per Video YouTube SEO

We can’t stress enough how critical SEO is to your success on YouTube. vidIQ’s YouTube SEO tool takes the tedium out of tagging and enables you to choose the best tags for your video, increasing your visibility within YouTube’s Search and Recommended Videos. One request from our users was that while they love our channel-wide tag recommendations, they’d really love the ability to optimize the last video they uploaded for SEO on a video-by-video basis. So as of today, you’ll be able improve your video’s SEO in the video detail pane and see video specific tag recommendations in one convenient location.

Find the best tags for your YouTube video automatically with vidIQ YouTube SEO

Growing your YouTube audience and increasing your views and subscribers has never been easier. Sign up for vidIQ and grow your audience today!

And just like that we’re back from SXSW 2013! During SXSW 2013 interactive, geeks from all walks of geekdom (myself included) descended on Austin like wildebeests at a watering hole. From Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal’s humorous and inspiring keynote on performance anxiety, to a presentation I attended by Thomas Pickens on Developing Meds in Space to Save Lives on Earth, there was an impressive array of discussions on technology and science that spanned every topic imaginable. Trying to document all the sights and sounds of SXSW here would be a nearly impossible feat, so instead I’d like to concentrate on an overarching theme I noticed during my time in Austin; YouTube is the next big thing in social enterprise.

Out of all the panels I went to see, nowhere was this more apparent than at the B2B Social Marketing: Blazing New Trails panel I attended where the VPs and Directors of Social at Salesforce, Xerox, and Cisco spoke about their craft. Since their inception, Facebook and Twitter have dominated the social conversation, so it was interesting to see that a majority of the time spent on this panel (and elsewhere) was around YouTube strategy. At this juncture, it is clear that VPs of Social and CMOs have Facebook and Twitter figured out; social media management software and audience development tools for these platforms have existed for quite some time (I’m looking at you, Buddy Media / Wildfire Interactive!) and the best practices are well documented. However, YouTube is still very much the Wild West, and marketers are scrambling to understand this platform as brands rush to double down on original video content.

For every similarity that exists between YouTube and Facebook / Twitter, there are drastic differences that present unique challenges. Nowhere is this more apparent than in YouTube search, which, if you’re Salesforce, dictates how 60% of your content is discovered, according to Jamie Grenney, VP of Social and Online Video. SEO hasn’t necessarily been a factor in traditional social media marketing, but it has emerged as The Great Differentiator between winners and losers on YouTube. Which is precisely why we are investing heavily in YouTube SEO.

We couldn’t be happier to be innovating in this space at such an exciting time; our tools and best practices act as a democratizing force that empower YouTube marketers and ensure they won’t miss out in the scramble for YouTube. If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to give vidIQ a go.

Welcome to vidIQ!

Robert Sandie —  February 26, 2013 — 2 Comments

Over the past 8 years my passion has been online video. I’ve lived and breathed it for my entire professional career — and I’ve loved every minute of it. This has always been the most exciting area of technology for me, and there hasn’t ever been a more exciting time than now. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was graduating from college, going to work at Macromedia, and founding Viddler at 22 — since then the online video industry has changed a bit (to say the least). YouTube grew from relative obscurity to become the 2nd largest search engine in the world, and a critical destination for brands to develop and engage with their audience. Bettering this audience development experience for brands and helping them manage their YouTube presence and increase their views and subscribers has been my focus for the last year, and we’ve built something truly amazing. The best part? Now we get to share it with the rest of the world! Today we’re announcing vidIQ is coming out of beta! And we’re excited!

Just how excited?

About as excited as these dancing cows:

Okay, you get it!

While we have your attention, we would like to give our thanks to a few people, whom without their help, vidIQ would not be launching:

  • The hundreds of brands, networks, and YouTube creators who have been giving us feedback every step of the way.
  • The thousands of people who have signed up for our beta and have been patiently waiting until this moment.
  • Our world class investors who believed in us very early on and continue to be an incredible source of expertise and guidance.
  • For YouTube on having an awesome developer relations team and continually making APIs available for our team to build amazing things with.

We feel extremely blessed to be innovating in this space and encourage you to sign up and check out vidIQ for yourselves!