Youtube Always Starts With Something You Love and Ends with Something Your Audience Trusts You With

Can you guess what question we get asked the most? It’s pretty obvious: How do I get more views on YouTube?

The answer, however, is far from obvious; unless you break it down into a hundred jigsaw pieces. And what jigsaw pieces do you look for first? The corners of course.

So let’s look at four crucial pieces of the YouTube puzzle

What Do YOU Love to Talk About?

YouTube knows what its audience wants, so you need to think like YouTube. Let’s say your passion is videogames. Be specific. If you love Fortnite or Call of Duty or Fifa 18, make sure to focus on that topic.

The more passionate you are about something, the more you know about it and the more confident you will be creating and sharing content about it.

Passion is an invisible vibe, energy and presence that your audience can always see.

Who Should Be Watching and Why?

Don’t stop at just your favourite game, film, beauty product or superhero either. Dive deeper. Popular topics attract thousands of video creators, so you need to provide the audience with something they can’t get anywhere else.

Ask yourself this question: who should be watching and why? If you can’t answer that question then your audience won’t understand or (worst still) won’t care about your content. If someone else can answer those two questions better that’s where the audience will go.

This is your target audience and your value proposition and you should be able to sum it up in a sentence. For example: Helping Video Creators Get More Views In Less Time.

Always Think About Your Niche 

A ‘niche’ is an interest that appeals to a small, specialized section of the audience. Let’s say you buy the latest iPhone and you want to do a general video review on it. OK great, but the chances are there is tech channel with millions of subscribers that has more resources to produce something in a shorter time frame to a wider audience.

But is that massive tech channel interested in EVERY aspect of the iPhone? Probably not, they will have another big phone release to worry about. But you? You could have a special interest in how the camera works or the best apps for productivity or how to record the screen. The chances are, if you are interested in something, there will be an audience out there who is also interested in the same thing.

This is your niche. While there may be millions of people interested in an iPhone, there may only be a few thousand interested in recording the iPhone screen, less still passionate enough about it to create guides and tutorials that spread a message of value better than anyone else.

Dominate Your Niche and Become the Authority

With passion, a target audience, a value proposition and a niche you know better than anyone else, you will start to build an audience.

Usually, there comes a point where one video outperforms everything else you’ve published before: 2x, 5x, 10x, it becomes your viral moment.

When this happens, go all in on follow up content. YouTube is telling you: you have something of value and we want to share it with more people. Your stock rising, your authority is gaining momentum, we ALL want to see more from you about something you are passionate about and can trust you with.

Try this: search for ‘Record iPhone Screen’ and you may see a very familiar vidIQ face appearing over and over again. Who knew such a niche could bring in so many views?

Final Thought

Channel success stories usually start with a niche that builds trust between the YouTuber and their audience. They then take that audience on a journey through more topics that stretch that authority into new, larger audiences.

Try this: do a YouTube search for ‘How Big Is’. This search term is dominated by a YouTuber called ColdFusion. The channel was already successful with tech videos that got 10,000s views. The ‘How Big Is’ video brought in millions of views and now ColdFusion is the authority on the phrase.

And so the story of how to get more views begins.

Rob Wilson – vidIQ

Pokemon Go is a worldwide sensation right now, and if you are a YouTube creator or marketer, you must be on this.

We created a quick video to help describe how you can take advantage of the Pokemon Go phenomenon:

Install the vidIQ Chrome Extension to Get These Stats.

Continuously optimizing your library of content to get more views can be a lot of work!

Which is why we are happy to announce that we just launched Bulk SEO. Watch the tutorial and get started already!



Creating optimized thumbnails can be a huge challenge. When doing so you want to make sure they are highly clickable on desktop and mobile. This will help you get more views most specifically with Suggested and Search traffic sources.

This is why we’ve launched our initial version of the vidIQ Thumbnail Editor with most recent update of the vidIQ Crome extension.

If you have the extension installed, simply head to your videos and goto our dropdown:

YouTube Thumbnail Editor


All it takes is a few seconds to update a thumbnail:

Thumbnail Editor Smaller


You can choose the frame of the image, upload images, shapes, text to get that image just right.

This is our first version and we plan on listening to your feedback to help improve this for your workflow. Please feel free to leave comment below, tweet us or email support on what you’d like to see added!

Replying to comments is absolutely critical for growing your subscribers. What happens when you are overwhelmed with too many comments? We’ve created filters that help you find the comments that matter.

YouTube Comment Moderation

You can now filter by:

  • Has Replies
  • Doesn’t have Replies
  • I’ve Replied To
  • I haven’t replied to
  • Contains Question(s)
  • Contains Profanity
  • Contains Positive Words (positive sentiment)
  • Contain Negative Words (negative sentiment)
  • Subscriber Name
  • Search YouTube Comments By Keyword

And you can mix these filters as well:

YouTube Comment Filters with vidIQ

For instance, you can find all positive questions being asked and make sure those questions get answered, oh so nicely. 🙂

This is all available right now with our chrome extension.

Christmas is a global tentpole event for YouTube, and we’ve prepared the top 10 keywords for Christmas this year:

Top YouTube Christmas opportunities

After installing our Chrome Extension make sure to do the following searches on YouTube to further enhance your keyword strategy for Title, Descriptions, and Tags. We’ve included a few notes on all the top keywords:

  1. Christmas Tree – “BIGGEST CHRISTMAS TREE FAIL” is the top title. Lots of fails are going on in Christmas Tree search term.
  2. vlogmas – “FINDING THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS TREE | VLOGMAS” is the top title. Everyone is putting them at end of christmas vlogs
  3. Santa Claus “FASCINATING Facts You Didn’t Know About Santa Claus!” is one of the top trending videos. Evergreen.
  4. Christmas “7 Weirdest Christmas Facts” is #3 title
  5. Christmas 2015 “What I Got For Christmas 2015 + Giveaway!” is #2 title
  6. Santa “Adults Sit On Santa’s Lap For The First Time” is #2 title
  7. Christmas music – “1 Hour – Christmas Music Collection Mix”
  8. xmas “Santa’s XMAS Caper – Steam Train” – great use of XMAS in thumbnails
  9. happy holidays HappyHolidays by Boston Dynamics ranking #3 – showing us great content with merged titles can rank
  10. holidays – “Types of People During the Holidays by IISuperwomanII” is top trending video.. very creative
  11. Merry Christmas “Merry Christmas from Bdubs!” showing simple titles are working here

Hopefully, this helps your Christmas efforts. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone here at vidIQ!


  7968954274 a171fbf6ed o

Image courtesy of Martin Fisch 

Building a loyal YouTube audience doesn’t happen overnight. A large part of creating high quality content involves passion and dedication, but when you look a little deeper, there’s a science to engaging audiences too.

Here are 8 tips to help you reach the right audiences on YouTube and keep them coming back.

1. Match your expertise to the type of content you want to produce. Be consistent too.

Before you start thinking about the audience you want to reach, ask yourself what you’re good at.  Are you a total movie buff? Experienced make-up guru? Comedian at heart? Choosing to focus your channel on an area that you’re well-versed in sets you up to succeed. When you speak to your passions, your knowledge and personality shine through. Bonus: you’ll come across as genuine and authentic (we’ll speak more on that later).

2. Do your research on the audience you wish to reach, and start speaking their language.

Once you’ve figured out the type of content you want to produce, it’s time to consider your audience. When it comes to targeting the right one and getting them to engage with your content, you need to do your research. Find out the names of relevant fan communities, learn their lingo, and incorporate their official names and vocabulary into your speak. From Tumblr to Reddit, communities congregate in specific places and you want to help shape those discussions.

3. Be genuine and socialize.

YouTube may be the hub for television, movies, music, and entertainment in general, but it’s still a social media platform at the core. Like any other social media platform, you want to get involved in conversations and, well, socialize. Like and comment on videos that catch your attention, give shout-outs to other influencers and content creators, ask interesting questions, and engage with your subscribers. The YouTube community values authenticity above all, and being genuine in your videos is what keeps viewers involved. Don’t treat your channel simply as a means to self-promote. If you’re going to engage in some self-promotion though, be transparent and have fun with it!


Image courtesy of Esther Vargas

4. Use the YouTube tools available to help measure and build audience engagement. Try other tools too. 

YouTube’s attention score measures the length of time and attention viewers give to your videos. This insight is great for identifying what excites your audience and what you can do to improve. If your score reveals that viewer attention is high during the latter half of the video, but low during the first, then perhaps you should work on your hook. Viewers will generally decide within the first 5 seconds of a video whether they want to continue watching. With that in mind, make sure your opening gives enough context to keep viewers intrigued.

Video annotations are another way to engage your audiences, prompting them to take action. Use clickable annotations to link to other relevant videos or blog posts. You can even encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel here. The key here is do this smartly and sparingly.

With YouTube popularity growing every day, new tools and services are available too. Take for example vidIQ’s Chrome Extension that displays detailed metrics allowing you to look more deeply into keywords, historical data, and more. By leveraging what’s out there, you’re just upping your odds of succeeding.

5. Monitor your success.

Get comfortable looking into your channel’s analytics to find out what works. This is important as it can help you replicate success. Tools are helpful, but what’s better is staying on top of all the information in general and setting aside time to do so. vidIQ’s web app is the go-to place to do this as you can monitor your videos, your competitor’s channels, and find key insights to help when producing future content. Setting aside time to capitalize on research will payoff in the long run.

6. Optimize your videos for search (for YouTube and the web in general).

Optimizing your videos for search will help build traffic, much like how SEO is a critical component of ensuring written content succeeds across the web. Craft your video headlines and descriptions carefully, incorporating any trending topics and keywords that are relevant to it. Avoid the urge to overuse video tags though, and only use those that actually apply to your video. vidIQ Pro’s proprietary Keyword Research Tool makes it super easy to discover powerful tags to help improve your videos’ search ranking. 

As search engines crawl text when processing search queries, adding an audio transcript (where you describe, in writing, the contents of your video) can help them index higher in search. Not only does the audio transcript add additional context to your video, it also gives you an opportunity to throw in some more keywords to help people discover your content when searching.


Image courtesy of Global Panorama

7. Partner with other content creators and share the YouTube love.

Collaborating with other content creators is an effective way to grow your audience. Whether you’re partnering with YouTubers that focus on similar topics, or just users that interest you, both will act as an introduction to new audiences.

Don’t be afraid to mention other YouTubers your fans should check out! Unsurprisingly, YouTubers know other YouTubers, and earning your way into the ranks of this influential network will help drive your traffic through cross-channel promotion. 

8. Share your videos on other social media platforms and content discovery engines. 

Other social channels are great places to share YouTube videos. They provide an opportunity to tag/mention friends, brands, and other content creators too. Not only will this attract more viewers, it’s also a great way to generate and keep a conversation going outside of YouTube. Pick the channel where your desired audience is the most active. Then, make sure the content you’re adding contributes to the conversation. Seeding your content into discovery engines like StumbleUpon can also be a good way to drive additional traffic to your videos.


8 Ways to Reach the Right Audience on YouTube

By vidIQ

Building a loyal YouTube audience doesn’t happen overnight. Here are 8 tips to help you reach the right audience and keep them coming back.

  • 1. Do What You Do Best and Be Consistent

    By vidIQ

    Matching your expertise to the type of content you want to produce helps you set yourself up to succeed. When you speak to your passions, your knowledge and personality shine through.

  • 2. Research the Audience You Want to Reach

    By vidIQ

    In order to engage your desired audience, you have to speak their language. Find out the names of relevant fan communities and learn their lingo!

  • 3. Be Genuine and Socialize

    By vidIQ

    Like and comment on videos, give shout-outs to other content creators, ask questions, and engage with your subscribers. The YouTube community values authenticity, and being genuine in your videos is what keeps viewers coming back.

  • 4. Use Tools to Help Measure Audience Engagement

    By vidIQ

    From Youtube's video attention score metric, to annotations, and even tools from other services (like our own), there's numerous resources available to help you better understand your audience.

  • 5. Monitor Your Success

    By vidIQ

    Have a plan for tracking key information so you can monitor success to better replicate it.

  • 6. Optimize Your Videos for Search

    By vidIQ

    Optimize your videos for search on Youtube and across the web. Craft your video headlines and descriptions carefully, incorporating any trending topics and keywords that are relevant to it. 

  • 7. Partner with Other Content Creators

    By vidIQ

    Whether you’re partnering with YouTubers that focus on similar topics or just users that interest you, both will act as an introduction to new audiences.

  • 8. Share Your Videos on Other Platforms

    By vidIQ

    Other social media channels are great places to share YouTube videos, as are content discovery engines. Be strategic with promotion.

With a bit of effort armed with this information and the vidIQ toolset, you’ll be able to grow your audience in no time. Remember, always have a plan and be sure you’re appealing to your fans. Before you know it, fellow YouTubers and fans will engaging with your great content.



Just need to get that next video out so you can sip back some champagne and celebrate with friends? Let’s get straight to our latest on our extension of Top Holiday Keywords and Videos with our New Years YouTube research.

This time we are taking are research to the next level and breaking down the trending types of videos.

First, Top New Years Keywords Used (to find this content and keywords you might want to consider): 

happy new years, happy new years eve, fireworks, holidays, happy new years 2015, makeup, beauty, holiday makeup, new year’s eve( holiday), new year (holiday), happy new year songs

If you’re video touches on these subjects, think about including them in the title, description and tags!

For researching these keywords yourself..

Best Performing Types of New Years Videos:

1. Fashion and Makeup

Fashion and Makeup videos are crushing it with 90+% of search results & trending videos are returning videos of this nature. It appear women are searching for New Years preparation makeup videos.


2. New Year Resolutions Videos:

3. New Years Music Videos:


4. New Year Comedy and Parody Videos:


If you’d like a specific video added to these playlists don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

’Tis the season for racking up video views—we took a look at the creators/videos who are trending for the holidays this year using the vidIQ Search Companion.

Top Trending Holiday Videos 2014 | vidIQ

vidIQ’s Search Companion made it easy for us to put together a list top holiday in just a few minutes– the keyword research tool appears right on your YouTube search results page and reveals information on your search query including Top Related Keywords, Trending Videos, and Average Age of the videos.


We already put together a quick list of the best holiday keywords (see yesterday’s post), so we used them to find out what holiday videos are getting the most views right now. Results below:

Top 5 Holiday Videos Right Now (Watch them all)

  1. An unexpected holiday surprise #MakeItHappen (Microsoft Lumia, 6,700 VPH)
  2. Happy Holidays from WWE (WWE, 5,600 VPH)
  3. Merry Christmas from Rodney, Tom, and Mono (Joanne Gardner, 640 VPH)
  4. Hanukkah Explained By Christians (Buzzfeed, 640 VPH)
  5. It’s The First Night of Hanukkah (The Ellen Show, 446 VPH)

Keywords used: Hanukkah, Christmas, Happy Holidays, Holidays, and Merry Christmas (*VPH stands for Views Per Hour*)

All of this information is at your fingertips with the vidIQ Search Companion, available to vidIQ Pro and Enterprise users. Not a Pro subscriber? Find out more about our products and sign up here.

Happy Holidays!

The vidIQ Team

YouTube SEO For The Holidays

Robert Sandie —  December 18, 2014 — 2 Comments

Holiday Tags

Happy Holidays….  and Merry Christmas, Happy (C)hannukah and Happy Kwanzaa!

No matter what you festive content you create this season, we wanted to give you the best keywords possible. If you are creating content this holiday consider adding these keywords (in titles, descriptions, tags) to lift your search ranking:

  • Merry Christmas – holiday, holidays, merry, carol, bells, jingle, lights, eve, santa, jingle bells
  • Christmas – holiday, xmas, merry, santa, holidays, presents, tree, gift, clause, december
  • Hanukkah – holiday, chanukah, presents, holidays, kwanzaa, xmas, santa, gifts, jewish, merry
  • Happy Holidays – Merry Christmas, holidays, holiday, jingle, lights, bells, christmas eve, carol, jingle bells, merry
  • Chanukah – hanukkah, holiday, jewish, hanukah, holidays, menorah, latkes, kwanzaa, xmas, chanukkah

Sample search for “Happy Holidays” with our search companion we recently launched:

To make the mosts of the Holidays, make sure to download our free chrome extension.